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Exotic Food

please note: those who are easily offended should stop reading now.

When I was small I always hear from friends on their visit to Thailand where they tried exotic food such as deep fry crickets, wood worms, bamboo worms, grasshopper etc. But One that particularly caught my attention is the drinking of cobra blood and swallowing of the cobra bile.

I have always been curious on how it taste. As a kid when I cut myself (small cut) I did try to stop the bleeding by putting my thumb or finger in my mouth and it taste kinda weird…warm and a bit saltish so how does drinking a half cup of warm blood taste?

Also, bile are known to be bitter – if it is swallow whole what would the taste be?

I got to find out the answer to my curiosity on my last trip to Jakarta, in a place call Jl Mangga Besar.

My Jakarta friends told me it is a “happening” place. But that would make the place more alluring and more tempting.. no?

Anyway, taking a stroll through the night market there you will find many food stall selling a variety foods like Sup Ika, Bakmi,Nasi Gudeg, Bakso, Putera Sunda food etc..

And yes – there are a few stalls that specializes in selling cobras. There are cobras with different sizes and different charges.Stall Selling Cobras

I chose a small one.

20140310_210608 20140310_205514

The stall owner handle the cobra like handling a toy, jerk it around a bit and in no time the skin is off, the bile is out, the nerve are separated and the meat chopped into bite sizes in preparation for grilling satay style.

20140310_205626 20140310_210004

20140310_211016 20140310_210035

The preparation of the blood involved adding 3 type of hard liquor (according to the stall owner is home make) into it and breaking the bile and adding in the nerve. A little swirl with the spoon and slurp it goes…

I believe the alcohol must’ve remove the smell of “zinc” in the blood for it doesn’t really taste like blood.. though honestly speaking I wont really know how blood taste like except that it is warm and have kind of a thick consistency in its body.

The BBQ meat (or satay style ) is tough. Nothing like the snake porridge meat serve in Hongkong.

It was a good experience. Especially when I was told that the blood and the bile serve to cure much ailments likeĀ  high blood pressure, heart disease, irregular menstruation and even asthma. No that I have any of the above… touch wood.

Would i give it another try? Hmm…