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Malacca (Melaka) Part One

Melaka – my last visit to this historical city was I think more than 10 years ago. We spent most of our time in A’Formosa so I dont have much recollection of what’s in the town. Heck, I didn’t even get to try their famous chicken rice ball at that time!

Jonker Walk







I was told Jonker Walk is only open on weekend and public holiday so we have to be there by Friday evening. Wooden Clogs

By the time we arrive Jonker Walk is already filled with tourist. The setup is very much like the pasar malam (night market) found in KL but the stalls are selling mostly Melaka souvenirs like the traditional chinese wooden clogs etc.

There’s also a wide variety of nyonya cakes, durian cake (not the real cake but the sticky chewy traditional one).

The more well known dessert in this area is their nyonya chendol Nyonya Chendolwhich in my humble opinion is nothing to shout about after I gave it a try. The difference between this version of chendol and those that I tried in Ipoh, Penang and KL is the coconut milk flavor in this nyonya chendol are strong but there is sadly very little chendol !

Also, the chendol in Ipoh, Penang and KL come with big crunchy red beans which blend well in with the green chendol but the red bean in this nyonya chendol is neither big nor crunchy.

One other famous food here is of course the Melaka chicken rice ball ! There are 3 in the vicinity but the more well known one is closed for the day so my friend asked us to wait till tomorrow to try it out.

Tonight my friend will bring me to another Melaka well known dish – the Satay Celup. Satay Celup

In KL and Ipoh we call this “lok-lok” where the seller came in a van and you can choose a variety of meat, seafood, fish-ball etc skewered with a wooden stick. Then you dip it into boiling water to cook before dipping it into your favorite sauce like chilly, curry, sweet sauce etc. and eat it on the spot standing by the road site.

For Melaka Satay Celup they also offer a wide variety of skewered meat and seafood – the only difference is they only have boiling satay sauce. The satay sauce is continuously boiled and the staff will add in grounded peanuts and a little chilly oil now and then. And because it is being boiled you will have to stir it now and then to ensure that the grounded peanuts is not stuck and burnt at the bottom.

While it is something different I still prefers the “lok-lok” in KL and Ipoh as we have a wider variety of sauces to choose from. Having said that, I have to admit I have never been a fan of such food – for my “skewered” sense of hygiene 🙂

I will blog about the famous Melaka Chicken Rice Ball in another blog… another time.