Hor Hee, Hor Yee Noodles in Ipoh

I grew up eating a lot of Ipoh famous food without even realizing and “Hor-Hee”(河嘻) or Cantonese call “Hor-Yee” is one of those. Though it is not one of my favorite sometimes I do feel a longing for it 🙂 and unfortunately until today I have not been able to find any hor-yee seller in KL! Please let me know if anyone came across hor-yee in KL – okie?

Anyway, hor-yee is a unique noodle soup quite different from its more famous counterpart in Ipoh the “slice chicken noodle hor-fun” (鸡丝沙河粉)Hor Yee

Why I say it is unique is because hor-yee is served in a small bowl and its soup are clear and sweet. During my teenage time in Ipoh most hor-yee are served in a small porcelain soup bowl that has a red cock decor. It seemed like a standard kind of bowl that most hawkers use during my time coz even the beef noodle soup peddler who uses a bamboo stick to carry his beef soup on one end of the stick and his crockeries on the other end uses the same porcelain soup bowl with that red cock in it. And even the small little chilly bowl and soup spoon has that red cock logo! Strange…

Anyway, I digressed. Sorry. No more red cock.

As I was saying, the soup of the hor-yee is clear but it sure taste sweet. It is normally serve with flat rice noodle or glass vermicelli noodles with 4-6 small hand made fish-ball (you know it is hand made when the texture are not silky smooth and sometimes you can see potholes in the fish-ball), a generous helping of deep fried sliced fish cake (this is the delicious one. By the color of the fish cake skin which is quite brown you know it is very well fried and Crispy! ) and a wonton look alike dumpling with minced fish meat inside.

During my younger day the hor-yee seller is generous with this wonton look alike fish dumpling as they will give us 2-3 pieces in each bowl. Today you will normally get only 1 or the most 2 pieces. Ok – I have not been entirely frank. During my time, these wonton look alike is actually smaller. Maybe that is why we get more then. :-p

The hor-yee is normally sprinkled with deep fried onions, spring onions and preserved vegetables which gives it the ummph!

So, the next time you guys visit Ipoh be sure to give hor-yee a try!


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