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Sulawesi – Makassar – Soroako Assignment

I have to confess. My assignment in Soroako happened years ago and I honestly don’t know why it took me so long to share my delightful and delicious journey.

Time are tight for me then so I only managed to sample a few of the wonderful food in Soraoko. Oh, besides the good food, the natural scenery and the beaches are wonderful. Here’s a snapshot of one of the famous lake. I am not sure if it is one of the 3 famous lake of Soroako.

Dermaga Soraoko2 (Medium)MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAOk. Back to food. 🙂

One of my fav.. well, actually I have a few but then I need to choose one otherwise it wont be call a favorite isn’t it? 😛

Ok. Ok. One out of my few favorites is the Coto Makassar.

DSCN0425-1I just down know how to start describing this aromatic, herbs heavy and flavorful dish. On the first spoonful, the flavor actually explode in your mouth and you will have this satisfying moment when you got to taste something real nice.

The soup itself has real body (to borrow a term use in wine tasting), spicy with peppers, aromatic with herbs and heavy with grounded peanuts. In the soup you can find diced beef and offal, some version has little ribs but most consist of only diced beef and offal.

You take the soup with “ketupat” – rice packed or woven in palm leaf, squeeze in the little green lime and add in some special spicy chilly paste if you are looking forward to burning up your taste buds. Most warungs (small stall) provide other condiments such as salt, pepper and sweet black sauce for those who like to make the soup more flavorful.

Another type of soup which looks quite similar to Coto Makassar is call Sop Saudara (or maybe you can call it the cousin of Coto Makassar since saudara in Malay means relative or cousin …wakakakak…just joking.)

Unfortunately I lost the picture of Sop Saudara (If you want to know how it looks like I recommend a google search or just click on the link) but it too consist of beef cubes (I was told mostly beef shanks) and some potatoes and sometimes innards.

The Sop Saudara I had at a side walk, with cars and motorbikes whizzing about, somehow has quite a lot of innards so, for a while I had always belief that sop saudara are like our Ipoh/KL mix beef soup with tripes, liver etc.

One other soup which I particularly like is Sup Konro.

sup konro-1

Sup Konro. Apology for the shaky pixs.

sup konro_1-1Sup Konro is beef ribs soup so I normally introduce it to my friends in Malaysia as Bakuteh of Indonesia 🙂 But then of course, there are no semblance between the two, not in terms of taste nor the meat.

The soup konro are hearty and the beef ribs are yum yum soft. But then of course it depends on the shop you visit for I had tried one soup konro which is not that really nice. The soup itself tasted quite similar to Coto Makassar as it also has peanuts but the similarity seemed to end there. If memory didn’t failed me it seemed that the Coto Makassar soup I has has heavier spices than Sup Konro.

Soup Konro is normally eaten with a plate of rice and the condiments again are the super spicy chilly paste, small green limes, black sweet sauce, salt and pepper.

Ok I believe we have enough soup for the day.

Let me introduce another Makassar special to you call Pisang Epe. (Grill Bananas) Again I lost the picture but you can easily Google it. 🙂

I discover Pisang Epe by chance as I was going for a stroll along the river side near the hotel i put up in.

There are rows of food stalls by the river side and I saw a guy grilling something which I thought is satay until I got nearer and saw that he is actually grilling bananas over a satay griller!

So out of curiosity I ordered one – the normal Pisang Epe as he has a few different flavors.

He first grilled the bananas, then he put it into a wooden press and flatten it. After flattening the grilled bananas he add in some palm sugar syrup and handed it over to me. The grilled bananas smell nice possibly because of the charcoal burn but because of the palm sugar and combined with the natural sweetness of the banana I find the pisang epe too sweet for me. But, it is a nice experience as I have never seen a pisang epe stall in KL.

Talking about bananas in Makassar, I found out that they have a different version of fried banana compared to KL/Ipoh and it is call Pisang Molen.

This Pisang Molen stall also sell one of my favorite noodle – Bakso! (Beef Noodle Soup)and also sell Mix Ice (Es Campur) which is not my favorite as it is too sweet!

Their Es Campur is always top up with sweetened milk which I am not able to adept to.

Anyway, talking about Pisang Molen. The way it was prepared reminds me of “pan-mee” Ipoh/KL.

The stall owner will roll the dough over a press a few

time before wrapping the bananas in it and deep fried.Soraoko Town9-1

I can only equate the feeling of eating pisang molen akin to eating curry puff minus all the flavor of a curry puff.

The pisang molen I tried had a rather crispy but dry crust and the bananas, well, is not really tasty. 😦

Ok. enuf of soup and bananas. Until later… cheers!

Pisang Molen

This is how Pisang Molen looks like!