Delectable Muar 2014

Compared to KL and Ipoh, Muar is a quiet town with only 1 major shopping mall and surprisingly no cineplex despite being the 2nd largest state in Johor. However, it make up the lack of entertainment center with many local good food.

One of my favorite is the special big wonton in the town area (Jalan Sisi) which only open at night.


Big Wonton in chilly sauce

Their signature dish is the big size (thrice the size of wonton in Ipoh and double the size of KL wonton) and meaty dry wonton served with their special chilly sauce spicy and sweet.

The marinated minced meat in the wonton are heavily spiced and combined with the chilly sauce it makes you feel bloated quickly as such you won’t be able to eat too many at one go.

It is advisable to order some refreshing drinks to go with the wonton.


Dry wonton noodle. Choice of adding chilly or just normal dark sauce

The dry wonton noodle I ordered came standard with char siew and 2 big wontons. You have a choice of having a chilly mixed noodle, plain noodle or dark sauce noodle. The char siew that accompanied the noodle is tender and sweet which I like.

Noodles in Muar are very different from noodles in KL and Ipoh. The color is less yellow and it has a springy feeling to it – possibly because noodles here have less alkaline water added. It is almost difficult for one to find the type of alkaline taste yellow noodle that is common in KL and Ipoh over here.

For breakfast you can have a choice of curry noodle with “hum” (cockles), fishball noodle, curry chicken noodle or rice, mince pork noodle (mee-pok), mixed pork soup with rice and my favorite, kway chap. (spiced mix pork serve with big flat rice noodle).

These are just some of the food varieties I tasted and there are of course more. Will try to find time to post more when time permits.

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Malacca (Melaka) Part One

Melaka – my last visit to this historical city was I think more than 10 years ago. We spent most of our time in A’Formosa so I dont have much recollection of what’s in the town. Heck, I didn’t even get to try their famous chicken rice ball at that time!

Jonker Walk







I was told Jonker Walk is only open on weekend and public holiday so we have to be there by Friday evening.Β Wooden Clogs

By the time we arrive Jonker Walk is already filled with tourist. The setup is very much like the pasar malam (night market) found in KL but the stalls are selling mostly Melaka souvenirs like the traditional chinese wooden clogs etc.

There’s also a wide variety of nyonya cakes, durian cake (not the real cake but the sticky chewy traditional one).

The more well known dessert in this area is their nyonya chendol Nyonya Chendolwhich in my humble opinion is nothing to shout about after I gave it a try. The difference between this version of chendol and those that I tried in Ipoh, Penang and KL is the coconut milk flavor in this nyonya chendol are strong but there is sadly very little chendol !

Also, the chendol in Ipoh, Penang and KL come with big crunchy red beans which blend well in with the green chendol but the red bean in this nyonya chendol is neither big nor crunchy.

One other famous food here is of course the Melaka chicken rice ball ! There are 3 in the vicinity but the more well known one is closed for the day so my friend asked us to wait till tomorrow to try it out.

Tonight my friend will bring me to another Melaka well known dish – the Satay Celup. Satay Celup

In KL and Ipoh we call this “lok-lok” where the seller came in a van and you can choose a variety of meat, seafood, fish-ball etc skewered with a wooden stick. Then you dip it into boiling water to cook before dipping it into your favorite sauce like chilly, curry, sweet sauce etc. and eat it on the spot standing by the road site.

For Melaka Satay Celup they also offer a wide variety of skewered meat and seafood – the only difference is they only have boiling satay sauce. The satay sauce is continuously boiled and the staff will add in grounded peanuts and a little chilly oil now and then. And because it is being boiled you will have to stir it now and then to ensure that the grounded peanuts is not stuck and burnt at the bottom.

While it is something different I still prefers the “lok-lok” in KL and Ipoh as we have a wider variety of sauces to choose from. Having said that, I have to admit I have never been a fan of such food – for my “skewered” sense of hygiene πŸ™‚

I will blog about the famous Melaka Chicken Rice Ball in another blog… another time.





Exotic Food

please note: those who are easily offended should stop reading now.

When I was small I always hear from friends on their visit to Thailand where they tried exotic food such as deep fry crickets, wood worms, bamboo worms, grasshopper etc. But One that particularly caught my attention is the drinking of cobra blood and swallowing of the cobra bile.

I have always been curious on how it taste. As a kid when I cut myself (small cut) I did try to stop the bleeding by putting my thumb or finger in my mouth and it taste kinda weird…warm and a bit saltish so how does drinking a half cup of warm blood taste?

Also, bile are known to be bitter – if it is swallow whole what would the taste be?

I got to find out the answer to my curiosity on my last trip to Jakarta, in a place call Jl Mangga Besar.

My Jakarta friends told me it is a “happening” place. But that would make the place more alluring and more tempting.. no?

Anyway, taking a stroll through the night market there you will find many food stall selling a variety foods like Sup Ika, Bakmi,Nasi Gudeg, Bakso, Putera Sunda food etc..

And yes – there are a few stalls that specializes in selling cobras. There are cobras with different sizes and different charges.Stall Selling Cobras

I chose a small one.

20140310_210608 20140310_205514

The stall owner handle the cobra like handling a toy, jerk it around a bit and in no time the skin is off, the bile is out, the nerve are separated and the meat chopped into bite sizes in preparation for grilling satay style.

20140310_205626 20140310_210004

20140310_211016 20140310_210035

The preparation of the blood involved adding 3 type of hard liquor (according to the stall owner is home make) into it and breaking the bile and adding in the nerve. A little swirl with the spoon and slurp it goes…

I believe the alcohol must’ve remove the smell of “zinc” in the blood for it doesn’t really taste like blood.. though honestly speaking I wont really know how blood taste like except that it is warm and have kind of a thick consistency in its body.

The BBQ meat (or satay style ) is tough. Nothing like the snake porridge meat serve in Hongkong.

It was a good experience. Especially when I was told that the blood and the bile serve to cure much ailments likeΒ  high blood pressure, heart disease, irregular menstruation and even asthma. No that I have any of the above… touch wood.

Would i give it another try? Hmm…

My first Ninja Joe


Had a meeting in Mid Valley this morning.

Feeling hungry after d meeting I had in mind to buy a sirloin steak from Cold Storage to cook at home.

On d way towards Cold Storage I passed Ninja Joe Burger. Actually this is not the first time I passed by Ninja Joe and each time I will tell myself that  I will come back and try their burgers – another time.

Somehow that ‘another time’ thing has been repeating itself for awhile πŸ™‚

I dont know why but maybe becos subconsciously I was conditioned to believe that other than BK n BM the rest of the fast food concept burgers joint are expensive (think Carl’s Jr)

Besides, I had tried pork Burger, (well not exactly a Burger but more of a bun) in MacDonald Macau the last time I had a job stint there.

My memory of that Burger was that it is dry – too dry – not something I would say I will go back for. Maybe this was what turn me off subconsciously, besides the Price that is.

Anyway, this time round I forced myself to head into Ninja Joe.

As with the numerous time that I passed by the shop is practically empty.  And so the cashier is ready to serve me, supposedly.

He was busy answering his colleague questions even though I am right in his nose.

Could this he the reason for the empty tables while the other food stalls are all getting filled?

Anyhow, he finally notices me and I quickly make my order. Unlike Bk n BM there is no upsell here. I ordered a normal Ninja Burger and there’s no prodding to ask whether I want to have a set which comes with fries cheaper etc…well u knw d drill.

10 minutes later a bell went off and I can see in front of me a big led number system flashing 154 like the little green men in d pedestrian crossing.

Then another ‘ding’ by my side and when I look over I notice the order taker / cashier signalling me to get my Burger.

Nice. Finally.

The Burger doesn’t look much but then again, what do you expect for MYR4.90 eh?

The first thing I noticed was that the Burger seemed a bit squarish.

it looks kind of clean unlike BM which sometimes give u a rather oily look.

Ok enuf looking. Took a bite. Mmmmm..

It was surprisingly succulent if I may describe it so. Unlike what I tried in Macau this one is juicy and the grilled taste is just Wow!!

It was splendidly grilled and with the crispy and chewy bun the combination is just heavenly! (No Ninja Joe didn’t pay me for this)

I will be back to try the other flavors – next time – for sure.

Breakfast at Jalan Imbi


Done with 2 hours of gym at Lot 10 – paid RM10 bucks for the parking! Man!!

Anyway, for convenience and since nowadays i seldom visit KL so early in the morning I decided to go for the Pork Noodle soup at Restoran Win Heng Seng.

This pork noodle soup apparently goes way back and they served the KL type of pork noodle soup – not the one you will find in Ipoh. (yes i am from there)

This pork noodle soup does not have minced pork ball, slice pork, internals etc instead it is served with minced pork fried in black sauce (possibly the ingredients include black soy sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce etc), a row of flat pre processed pork and their well known sausage like cured pork which is dark in color.

Normally this sausage like cured pork are make from minced pork meats mixed with mince pork liver and the mixture will be pumped into a cleaned up pork intestine before cooking. (broiling and lightly grilled)

Anyway I digressed.

My wife and i are small eater as such we normally order a large bowl of noodles to share. We did the same here.

The noodle is served covered with braised minced meat served together with a bowl of soup filled with about 5 slab of processed pork meat.

Guess how much it cost us? …. MYR10! This is the first time i had a bowl of noodle that cost MYR10! (except of course if one is to go for those so call seafood noodles..which can easily offset you with RM25 and above – just for breakfast in a smelly and hot kopi tiam!)

The place we stay we normally pay about MYR5.50 for a large piping hot noodle that can satiates both our appetite.

The pork noodle here are over-rated (no, not because of the exorbitant price) the braised meat are too salty and the pre processed flat pork is no difference from those that i can get from the market. And their sausage like cured mince pork has no distinctive taste and is too soft. This kind of meat is best served a bit crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. If it is too soft it will taste soggy which is not pleasant to eat at all.,

Anyway, that is just my humble opinion. Some one else may have a difference taste bud. πŸ™‚Image

New Burger Joint @Low Yat

Found a new Burger joint call Fuel Shack at Low Yat while shopping for a phone for my son.

What caught my attention is the unique way they serve their burgers – which is on a wooden chopping board! Same goes with the fried chicken and  their  spaghetti was served on a hot pan. πŸ™‚ nice ..

Tried a Tower Burger and a 1.1L of cool draft Asahi.

The Burger was huge!  The meat are hot and juicy, yum.. but it is a little on d spicy side for some reason. 

Maybe d chef sprinkled a tad too much pepper. One other annoying  thing is i chewed on quite a bit of ‘tendons’ I believed, which is very hard and not something I would want to swallow.

Other than that, the Burger with fried egg, cheese and a few pieces of veges are not too bad oh yes, another thing is they are stingy with their gherkins. With 2 patties and cheese they should’ve given more gherkins so that I wont feel so bloated after the meal


Kuching Excursion

My 2nd trip to Kuching was in 2011. I forgot about my 1st trip because I never left the place I worked in and was on the next plane back to KL after work 😦 Anyway, in 2011 when I went back to Kuching, different company, I have more time to try the local famous […]